Events, Eur Erg. Henrijs Kalkis participated in seminar as Key Speaker with topic “Ergonomic Business Environment – Success for Organizations in Longterm Development” organzied by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) that  promotes business development in Latvia.  24th of September, 2013.
72nd Annual Conference at the University of Latvia Session: Ergonomics and work environment 21th of February, 2014 Session leaders: professor Valdis Kalkis and asoc. professor Zenija Roja Presentations at the conference (Provided with permission of all authors, copyrights remains to authors) 1. Mobbing and bossing prevention in contemporary work environmentInara Roja, Dr. med.; Zenija Roja,, as. profesor,...
LES seminar in colaboration with  SIA Silvanols “Ergonomics approach to persons with disabilities – integration in contemporary labour market” 5th of March, 2014 Presentation provided with permission of author (copyrights remains) Ergonomics approach to persons with disabilities – integration in contamporary labour market (in Latvian)Konstantins Bormasovs, Riga Social Service, President of Latvian Ergo-therapist Association, certified Ergo-therapist
NEW CONFERENCE: Ergonomics and Effective Business Development (2nd of October, 2014) Conference organized in collaboration with Latvian Business Effectiveness Association in the framework of International Ergonomics month. Presentations: Ergonomics essentials in Today`s Business, Zenija Roja,, Eur.Erg.Stress Management and Stress as Risk Factor in Business Environment, Inara Roja,, Internationaly certified doctor-hypnoterapistErgonomics and Safety Culture – Effective Business Promotion Dagnis...
Dr. Henrijs Kalkis is board member of Latvian Ergonomics Society and assistant professor at the University of Latvia and carries out the research at the Penn State university. The full article is available HERE
University of Latvia professional master study programme “Work Environment and Expertise” students gained theoretical and practical skills and competences at the Latvian beer company JSC Cesu Alus manufacturing plant.
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